Light Bike

The XOVR’s immersive suite of virtual reality hardware will ignite your imagination.

The KatWalk, features Bullet Sorrow, allows you to run, crouch, jump, and fire away at enemies in VR while you’re suspended in place.

The Explorer Pod sets a boundary for you both in the real world and the virtual one as you move around while playing. Fan-favourites Job Simulator, The Lab and Space Pirate Trainer can be experienced here

The Jet Pack Flyer allows your body to have the feeling of flying around cities, all within the safety of being harnessed to the machine. Feel like you're flying while playing Jet Pack Flyer

Extreme Racing allows you to race against your friends in a completely immersive driving environment. Be taken to a whole new level of arcade racing with Extreme Racing.

Our most popular game, Ultimate Booster, is featured on The Space Shuttle. This one is not for the faint-hearted.

Jump on the Light Bike to enter the fast-paced world of light cycle racing for Light Race.

If that’s not enticing enough, there are many more VR consoles we have for you to try out.